Sports Wear

Custom Sports Wear, Uniforms, Jerseys, Hats & Athletic Gear

custom athletic apparel & clothing - detroit

Baseball Uniforms, Caps, Sports Wear & Custom Gear
Play Ball with our custom designed, high quality, durable and long-wearing baseball uniforms, caps, logo’d duffle bags & customized athletic gear.

Custom Baseball Apparel

custom uniforms & athletic wear

Softball Uniforms, Hats, T-Shirts & Custom Gear
We offer durable, high quality, youth and adult softball uniforms, t-shirts, hats, gear and more – custom designed for your team.

Custom Softball Apparel

custom athletic apparel & clothing - detroit

Basketball Uniforms, Jerseys, Spirit Wear & Custom Gear
Tough enough to stand up to any competition – our vibrant, durable basketball uniforms, jerseys & team wear are designed to impress and to last!

Custom Basketball Apparel

custom athletic apparel & clothing - detroit

Football Uniforms, Sports Wear, Spirit Wear & Custom Gear
Our hiqh quality, durable football uniforms are as tough as they are impressive looking. Add custom gear & team spirit wear to complete your needs.

Custom Football Apparel

custom athletic apparel & clothing - detroit

Hockey Uniforms, Jerseys & Custom Gear
Our vibrant, custom designed hockey uniforms, jerseys & athletic wear will inspire your team, intimidate the competition and stand up to years of use.

Custom Hockey Apparel

custom athletic apparel & clothing - detroit

Soccer Uniforms, Jerseys, T-Shirts, Team Wear & Custom Gear
Inspire your team with colorful, custom designed soccer jerseys, uniforms, t-shirts and athletic gear. We offer youth through adult 4XL sizes.

Custom Soccer Apparel

custom athletic apparel & clothing - detroit

Volleyball Uniforms, Jerseys, T-Shirts & Custom Gear
Your volleyball team will look as great as it plays with our custom designed volleyball jerseys, tees, shorts & gear – including backpacks & travel bags!

Custom Volleyball Apparel


Bowling Shirts & Custom Gear
Your bowling team will feel great and impress the competition, with our custom designed bowling shirts & gear!

Custom Bowling Apparel

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