Frequently Asked Questions


How DO I get started?

Our company contact page is a great start! You can schedule a call, video chat, or in person tour with one of our sales team members! Click here or scroll down the page to schedule a time to meet!

 What is the process for ordering?

Submit your artwork and our design team will get your work started immediately.  You will usually see your first mock ups within 48 hours.  During that time, you and your sales rep will be working through your order details like that products DO you want, and how you will be ordering.

What are my ordering options?

You can order directly through your sales rep, they will process your order manually, or you can use our online team ordering page where the Coach or parent can order your uniforms online directly! 

What are the sizing options to fit my team?

You can use our online Team Ordering Catalog with sizing information, and instructions to fit your players right to spec!  We can also, ship out a sizing sample kit, and have a sales rep available during your fitting time for a video chat, call or text to be available for any questions.

For our larger organizations we also schedule in-person fittings for all the teams to come together on a certain day to have them custom fit for their uniforms.

What design options will I have on my team ordering page?

All your art will be completely custom to your team and organization!  You will have all your approved art on the team ordering page!  That will include your mandatory team uniforms, as well as alternate jersey options, custom hoodies, warm up jackets, and more!

Once I place an order, when can I expect to receive it?

We are always working to improve our turn times, and be the fastest custom team outfitter in the country.  Our standard turn times are 10-15 business days from the time the order is placed and paid, but we DO offer rush services and can deliver custom products within 24-48 hours!

Why can I receive products faster from you, but cannot get certain products from other vendors?

DO makes all their custom products right here at our local facilities in the US!  We control our production process which helps improve turn times and quality.

What about add on players?

No problems!  Again, all your custom products are coming right out of our local production facilities!  That means, printing, pressing, cutting and sewing are done right here in-house, and you can get that 1 jersey you need by the weekend in just a few days!

What partner programs DO you offer?

DO is always looking to partner with organizations through creative and unique partnership programs!  Please schedule a meeting today to review your options

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